I would always, always use you, David. You have the capacity to appreciate the strengths and intent of a book and move it towards its best self.

Thelma Adams, The Last Woman Standing

 Writers need editors—and they especially need editors like David Downing. He is insightful and honest and asks all the right questions. Without his sterling work on FOLLOW YOU HOME I am certain it would not have been a bestseller. The fact that he’s such a nice guy—witty and quick to respond—is a bonus.

– Mark Edwards, Because She Loves Me
, Follow You Home, The Devil’s Work, The Lucky Ones, Here To Stay, The House Guest, The Hollows, No Place to Run, Keep Her Secret 

  Your ability to improve my writing and your grace in letting me take all the credit is astonishing.

Tariq Ashkanani, Welcome to Cooper, Follow Me to the Edge

 I thoroughly enjoyed working with David through the editing process. His comments/observations/edits were so helpful and insightful and I have no doubt that the changes they inspired have made the manuscript stronger. Truly, when I read his first comments I was weepy with gratitude because working with editor who “got” what I was attempting was a dream come true. It was a pleasure.

– Jennifer Handford, Daughters For a Time
, Acts of Contrition, 
The Light of Hidden Flowers

 I’ve been a published author for over thirty years, with most of the major publishers, and have almost always found their editing helpful, but David Downing, who has edited my last book, and the last three written with my wife Charlotte, has been a revelation. He is insightful, hugely knowledgeable, and pleasingly considerate of delicate authorly sensitivities. And, amazingly, he makes the whole editing process fun. (Well, almost.) If he’d been our editor all along, every one of our books would have been the better for it.

 Aaron Elkins, Switcheroo and, with Charlotte Elkins: Dangerous Talent, A Cruise to Die For, 
The Art Whisperer, The Trouble With Mirrors

 David is always fantastic to work with. He has as keen an eye for the little details as he does for bigger picture issues. And he asks all the right questions, forcing me to make sure that I’ve thought everything through fully. He is creative when offering alternatives to lines or actions. It really is a pleasure to work with him, something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to say about someone whose job it is to pick apart my work. I have absolutely no doubt that SHADY CROSS, as well as my newest book, THE PRETTIEST ONE, are both better because of his careful attention.

– James Hankins, Shady Cross, 
The Prettiest One, The Inside Dark

 Swear to god, best help I ever got from an editor.

– G.M. Ford, Thicker Than Water, Chump Change
, Threshold, Salvation Lake, Family Values

 I must tell you what a pleasure it was to have David’s company in polishing the manuscript. I’ve dealt with a lot of editors, but he’s the best.

– Alex Rosenberg, The Girl from Krakow, Autumn in Oxford, The Intrigues of Jennie Lee

 David was a dream to work with. He understood the thematic strengths of the story and really helped to guide the book to its final state, while at the same time never suggesting anything that was outside of my distinct voice. I would work with David again in a heartbeat.

– Johnny Shaw, Big Maria
, Plaster City, Floodgate, Imperial Valley

 Thank you immensely for the astonishingly thorough and thoughtful job you did on the manuscript. In the past I felt I was fortunate to have worked with some of the best editors in publishing–at least in my opinion–but I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that your work impresses me more than any of the others. Not only your keen eye for detail, plot and character, but your (undeserved) humility and unfailing good humor. I’ve always felt a good editor is worth their weight in gold–you surely are worth yours in iridium (showing my science geek side here.)

Carole Lawrence, Edinburgh Twilight

 I want to acknowledge David Downing, my brilliant editor, whose wisdom and patience helped me transform the final drafts of this book. Readers will never know the full significance of David’s guidance—which, I think, is the point. But it’s a shame that the best editors are inherently underappreciated by readers. Take my word for it, dear reader, David has done you all a great favor in the immense value he added to this book.

– Ryan Quinn, End of Secrets, The Good Traitor, The Fall

 David is making this process so much better than I could ever have hoped for. Before we got started, nightmarish tales from other authors of editors who are rude, apathetic, incompetent and arrogant haunted my dreams. David put all of those to rest. Besides his nearly-supernatural attention to detail (causing me more than one face-palm), he has a wonderful sense of nuance, often knowing what I was trying to say better than I did. His talent and genuine enthusiasm have made FLOWERTOWN a much better book than I dreamed it could be.

–  S.G. Redling, Flowertown, The Widow File
, Redemption Key, Baggage, At Risk